Limousine or Pizza Slice

Limousine or Pizza Slice

One of the most common question people ask when looking to hire a limo is how many number of people can fit in a limo. This question is similar to asking like how many slices can be cut from a pizza. Depending on the size of a pizza, when a 16 inch pizza is offered, it may be cut into 10 slices or 52, but the amount of food remains the same. Same is the case with a limousine that if the number of passengers is to be loaded then that depends on which limo one is asking about.

So, whenever a limousine service (san jose airport limo servicesan francisco airport limo serviceoakland airport limo service) is called, the best action to simply tell limo people is that we need a limo for this much number of people, followed by the question, and what are my options. This then gets the ball rolling, and the limo service representative on the phone provides info over several of their vehicle types, capacities and configurations to help ease your limo needs.

The representative may ask if a traditional ‘sedan based’ limousine is preferred by that customer, like the Chrysler 300 or Lincoln Town Car or a cross over limousine. Depending on the providers’ fleet of service, they may also offer a van based limo like the Luxury Coach like a bus.

Some of the fleet choices have their ability to stand up, some include toilets, and other offers involve like the fiber optic lighting and high end digital entertainment systems as per one’s personal preferences.

Using or taking little time to do research on the fleets of limo services is worth considering, and that it helps people come close to the most informed decision possible, and then choosing the perfect limo for an event. Also on the ride way, one can ask the chauffeur to stop over some pizza parlor for getting a slice or a whole pie depending upon the situation, like offering a slice to the driver, as the smell of pizza would sure tempt any.

For getting started, take a look at our Jass Airport Limo Service, which will help take a look at the choices you want. We are always happy to help 24/7 365 days to give you the most out of this journey.

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  1. Due to there being diverse sizes of limousines, there is no single response for what number of individuals fit into one. Littler limousines, by and large, convey six or seven individuals easily. Medium sized limousines every now and again convey 10 individuals in addition to the driver. Extend limousines are the biggest assortment, conveying 15 to 20 individuals by and large.

  2. Booked JASS organization to transport a pack of relatives through the span of a long night and everything worked out as expected. They gave us an incredible rate, appeared on time in both areas, and they were anything but difficult to work with. I will use them once more.

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